We're excited about learning and experiencing the most in life. Sharing our knowledge and field experience in aim at helping people reduce and manage their pain. 


The story

A few years ago, David Moen and Prof. Lorimer Moseley met weekly to plan Dave's PhD in pain. The goal was to find better ways to engage patients and clinicians in modern pain science. Maybe it was the caffeine, but soon enough the sights shifted and conversation flowed around building a simple and freely available education resouurce about pain. Starting with the incredible knowledge of the human pain system, we wanted to communicate hope and give people evidence-based direction to guide their recovery from pain.


Tame the Beast was eventually created in collaboration between: a pain researcher Prof. Lorimer Moseley, a physiotherapist David Moen and a professional communicator Sam Chisholm.

It is a freely available, non-commercial education space that hopes to inspire research-based action in the treatment of pain. At the moment, Tame the Beast is an animation, a question-and-answer and it'll soon host a podcast series. If you have questions feel free to contact David Moen at dave@formphysiotherapy.com.au.


About the educators


Lorimer Moseley

Professor Lorimer Moseley is a clinical scientist investigating pain in humans. After posts at The University of Oxford, UK, and the University of Sydney, Lorimer was appointed Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and Chair in Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia. He is also Senior Principal Research Fellow at NeuRA and an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow.

He has published over 310 papers, six books and numerous book chapters. He has given over 150 keynote or invited presentations at interdisciplinary meetings in 30 countries. He has provided professional education in pain sciences to over 25,000 medical and health practitioners and public lectures to as many again. His research group’s videos and articles have been viewed over 4.5 million times.

Lorimer was awarded the inaugural outstanding mid-career clinical scientist prize by the International Association for the Study of Pain, was runner-up for the 2012 Australian Science Minister’s Prize for Life Sciences, and won the 2013 Marshall & Warren Award for the Best Innovative and Potentially Transformative Project in Australia. He was made an Honoured Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, their highest honour, in 2014 and is the only physiotherapist to be made Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Australia New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. His contribution to pain science and rehabilitation has been recognised with awards from 12 countries. Treatments he devised are now recommended in best practice guidelines internationally.

Dave Moen

Dave Moen is a physiotherapist and project manager developing education tools and treatment pathways for people with pain.

Based at Form Physiotherapy in Adelaide, his group offer clinical treatment for chronic pain, Skype-based pain treatment, and professional development courses for clinicians. His group are working hard to improve public awareness of modern pain science, and use grant funding to develop freely-available online education resources.

Tame the Beast came from ongoing collaboration between Dave Moen and Prof. Lorimer Moseley to address the need for a clear and simple education resource on pain. The project aims to improve public awareness of chronic pain and give individuals practical, evidence-based advice on pain treatment.

His team are interested in developing partnerships with positive, health focused groups and individuals who would like to see improvement in the pain space. To contact Dave, click through to the website or send an email to dave@formphysiotherapy.com.au.


Be brave and have hope, because it is possible to tame the beast